The riding you can find in Idaho is as diverse as the landscape. Idaho offers everything from high alpine horse packing to desert mountain biking, and adventures for every season of the year. Wherever you go in Idaho, there is an adventure for everyone.

From summer trail rides to winter backcountry skiing, Idaho trails are as diverse as the landscapes. Snowmobile to a high mountain hot spring. Mountain bike along the rolling foothills outside of Boise. Dirt bike in the rugged Salmon River canyon. Backcountry ski to a cozy yurt with an epic mountain view. There is no other location in North America with so many different experiences in one area.

Idaho offers opportunities for all riders, whatever their travel arrangements. The large towns and cities are always close to a quick day trip session. Popular tourist destinations hide miles of incredible trails right under your nose. For the adventurous, deep backcountry excursions reveal world-class wilderness trips, with rarely a soul to be seen.

Idaho outfitters and guides can help you find the right experience any time of the year. Outfitters will provide the gear and the expertise to make the most of your trip.